Tom Hardy: Lakers Game with Leo DiCaprio! »

From Just Jared:

Tom Hardy watches the Los Angeles Lakers take on the San Antonio Spurs at the Staples Center on Thursday (February 3) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actor was joined by his…
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Tom Hardy: 'Inception' Wins Four VES Awards »

From JustJared:

Tom Hardy suits up for the 9th Annual VES Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Tuesday (February 1) in Bevelry Hills, Calif.

The 33-year-old actor’s hit film, Inception,…
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Tom Hardy: Batman Flies Into LAX »

From Just Jared:

Tom Hardy arrives at LAX wearing a Batman t-shirt on Monday (January 31) in Los Angeles.

Earlier this month, director Christopher Nolan announced that the 33-year-old…

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Tom at Lakers game - pics »

Tom was spotted yesterday night at the Lakers game in LA. Thanks to Just Jared we added some pictures to our gallery.

[x004] At Lakers Game - Jan 7, 2011
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Warrior's detailed synopsis »

We already know that Warrior will be released on September 9th, now we have the detailed synopsis! Check it out:

Two brothers face the fight of a lifetime – and the wreckage…
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Actors To Watch In 2011 »

From FemaleFirst:

Actors To Watch In 2011

2011 is going to be another huge year for films, so amongst the glitz and the glamour, there’s a whole bunch of young new upstarts trying to break…
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And the final product

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Where is Ariadne?

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This pic fascinates me. I can hardly tell this is Tom! He looks so brawly. And slightly smelly… *g*

And those clothes! I suppose they’re for his character in Warrior, but considering how much of a method actor Tom is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he started dressing like this to get into it… Those pants are just amazingly horrible.

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"He will appear in Christopher Nolan’s next film, The Dark Knight Rises. It’s a small film about a vigilante who dresses up as a bat, you may have heard of it."

FemaleFirst about Batman and Tom Hardy (via @getmehardy)

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The best question ever asked:

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